Transportation infrastructure – Leveraging development of Vinh Phuc province

April 3, 2024by Hằng Hoàng

With a deep desire to create a prosperous and beautiful homeland, Vinh Phuc has spared no effort in investing in transportation infrastructure to bring convenience to its residents. From there, an important leverage is created in the socio-economic development, ensuring security and defense of the province.

The province’s focus on transportation investment has resulted in a comprehensive network of roads totaling 159.5 km of highways and national roads, 255.1 km of beltways, 371.3 km of provincial roads, and 4,373 km of rural transportation roads.

Moreover, the province has also taken great care in maintaining the Hanoi-Lao Cai national railway line to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods and passengers. Through its investment principle of utilizing state investment as seed capital to attract both domestic and foreign enterprises, Vinh Phuc has successfully completed numerous key transportation projects. These projects have not only contributed to the development of localities but have also propelled the province’s socio-economic growth and strengthened its security and defense.

One such project is the Vinh Phu Bridge, a crucial piece of infrastructure for the province. The bridge boasts a total investment of over 540 billion VND, spans a length of 509.55m, and features a main deck width of 19m with a lead road width of 16.5m. Designed to accommodate four lanes for motorized vehicles, the Vinh Phu Bridge is a testament to the province’s commitment to improving the lives of its residents.

On the construction site of the Vinh Phuc Bridge, the team of engineers and workers worked in 3 shifts with a determined spirit to achieve the goal of completing the project ahead of schedule. So far, the Vinh Phuc Bridge has completed nearly 80% of the construction volume and is expected to be put into operation in June 2023, exceeding the contract schedule by about 5 months. The bridge connects Song Lo district, Vinh Phuc province with Viet Tri city of Phu Tho province to promote the socio-economic development of the two localities.

Currently, Vinh Phuc is implementing many important transportation projects in the mid-term public investment plan for the 2021-2025 period such as the Belt Road 5 – Hanoi route and the Tam Dao mountain foot road section, connecting the Belt Road 5 with National Road 2B to Tay Thien, heading to National Road 2C and Tuyen Quang; Construction of a railway overpass on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Vinh Yen city; Tay Thien – Tam Son road, from Tay Thien to Hop Ly Bridge and from National Road 2C to Van Truc Lake (Lap Thach district).

The province has set an ambitious target to complete the transportation routes connecting Tam Dao tourist area and Song Lo industrial park. It is no easy feat, but the province’s Investment Project Management Board is working tirelessly to overcome all difficulties and ensure the progress of construction is accelerated. The road connecting Hop Chau-Dong Tinh to Tay Thien scenic area, the road connecting Tay Thien to Ben Tam tourist area, the road from the intersection of Nội Bài – Lào Cai expressway (in Van Quan commune, Lap Thach district) to Song Lo district center, and the branch line to Song Lo I industrial park are all critical projects that will connect the internal region, connect the regions, and attract investment for industrial development and tourism in Vinh Phuc province.

Vinh Phuc is not just investing in the provincial and district road systems, but also placing special emphasis on developing the rural and internal transportation systems. The province has made significant progress, with 92% of the rural transportation network and 81% of the internal transportation network solidified by the end of 2022. These harmonious connections between the road network from the provincial administrative center to the centers of districts, cities, and towns are promoting regional economic development, especially in rural areas. 

With the invested and relatively modern, synchronized, and well-connected transportation infrastructure between localities in the province and with the northern provinces, the Red River Delta region has helped Vinh Phuc create competitive advantages in infrastructure to attract investment and develop industry.

As of 2022, Vinh Phuc province has attracted 429 FDI (foreign direct investment) projects and 824 DDI (domestic direct investment) projects; among them, many large companies such as Toyota Vietnam, Honda Vietnam, Piaggio Vietnam, Viet Duc steel, Prime Vinh Phuc… are investing very successfully in the province.

To gradually improve the infrastructure of the urban framework and meet the socio-economic development needs of the province, Vinh Phuc will prioritize projects to build Vinh Phuc urban framework infrastructure, especially key projects in technical infrastructure, socio-economic infrastructure, transportation projects, gradually improve the connecting traffic routes from the Red River dike to Van Phuc bridge, Ring Road 4, the East-West axis connecting with the TD7 axis of Me Linh district to connect with Ring Road 4 – Capital Area; The bypass road of National Highway 2C, from IC5 interchange to Tuyen Quang city.

Along with that, Vinh Phuc transportation sector will focus on handling potential traffic safety risks; strengthen the control of over-sized and overloaded vehicles to protect transportation infrastructure and serve socio-economic development and people’s lives.

Source: Le Trang – Phap Luat Online Newspaper ( published on March 14, 2023.