Unique Geographical Advantage of Vietnam’s Logistics Industry

Located in the middle of the world’s most vibrant economic region with favorable natural conditions for the development of all types of freight transport allows Vietnam to develop its infrastructure and logistics service supply network.


Vietnam coastline.

3000 km of coastline

A coastline of more than 3000 km and an extensive network of rivers give Vietnam a considerable potential for developing maritime traffic.

Vietnam is located right next to the East Sea – a particularly important trade “bridge” on the world maritime map. Of the 39 currently operating maritime routes in the world, 29 routes pass through the East Sea. Among the 10 largest maritime routes in the world, the East Sea area has 1 route through and 5 related routes.

With a long coastline stretching from North to South, Vietnam has many seaports, in which, some places can build deep-water ports such as: Hai Phong, Vung Tau, Van Phong; Quy Nhon; Cai Lan; Saigon;….

In addition, thanks to the formation of a network of seaports, roads and railways along the coast and connecting to inland areas (especially Asian Highway routes), Vietnam have a capable of transporting imported goods to all parts of the world quickly and conveniently.

Export and import goods of Vietnam do not need to transit through neighboring countries. In contrast, goods from the Northeast of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Yunnan province (China) exported to other countries have the potential to be transited and temporarily stored in the territory of Vietnam.

Abundant road system

012345678900123456789001234567890,012345678900123456789001234567890kmTrans-Asian road
01234567890,012345678900123456789001234567890kmThe length of Trans-Asian road in Vietnam

Vietnam is located on the Trans-Asian road with a length of 140,479 km. In which, the length of this route in the territory of Vietnam is 2,678 km.

Furthermore, Vietnam also benefits from the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) which is considered as the arterial route passing through the midlands of Southeast Asia on the East-West traffic axis and connecting the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

In June 2009, the East-West Economic Corridor was opened to allow cargo trucks of Thailand and Vietnam to enter each other’s territories to deliver and receive goods.


Vietnamese road system.

Long rail network

The railway network in Vietnam is about 4,161 km long with more than 2000 km of main roads. Vietnam’s railway system connects 34 provinces and cities.

Vietnam has set a target that by 2030, it will establish 09 new railway lines with a total length of 2,362 km. The logistics industry is receiving special attention from the Government and the State, with specific action plans and decisions. Vietnam has set a target that by 2025, the proportion of the logistics service industry’s contribution to GDP will reach 8% – 10%, the service growth rate will reach 15% – 20%, the proportion of outsourcing logistics services will reach 50 % – 60%, logistics costs are reduced to 16% – 20% of GDP according to the National Logistics Competency Index in the world.

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